Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base 2.21
Upgrade 1.3 to 2.21




The huge loads are distributed on the strong support pillars, securing space for the bunker or the center of operations. This heavy looking interior/exterior/top-down Kit is made to suit extreme environments - Space, Underwater, Underground, and On-ground.







The new look for many objects. Flat surfaces got less tris. Round ones like the railings got more. To widen the possibilities new objects were added.




To reduce the drawcalls, most models were packed into themes. Each theme is a single Material. Some UVs has a bit of free space. This is reserved for future updates, so adding new objects will not require additional material.




PBR was implemented – in a way as we think it should be. All the materials now has Metallic, Height and Occlusion maps, in addition to Albedo, Normal, and if it fits, Emission.




Corrected and amplified previous, and for widening the possibilities of the Kit made the New ones – all to work properly with the Unity 5.3 up to Unity 2017.3 or higher.

Includes everything of the BASE 1.3 plus:


  • New all models
  • New PBR materials
  • Exterior Prefabs
  • Pentagonal and Hexagonal Rooms
  • Transparent Roofs
  • Animated materials for Displays
  • Universal 6 in 1 Doors Control
  • Animated Door Mode Console
  • Animated Door Power Console
  • One-sided Floors and Ceilings
  • Additional Equipment
  • More than 120 additional Prefabs
  • C# Scripts – all to work properly with the Unity 5.3 up to Unity 2017.3 or higher



  • More than 270 Prefabs in 18 Categories
  • PBR Materials (Albedo, Metalic, Normal, Height, Occlusion and Emission maps included)
  • Textures up to 4096 px
  • Ambient and Door sounds
  • Colliders are made for speed, however some has details for shooting through
  • One FPS Exterior & Interior Demo Scene
  • Two FPS Interior Demo Scenes
  • One Top-Down Demo Scene
  • One Pentagonal and Hexagonal Rooms Demo Scene
  • One Prefabs Demo Scene


Before downloading and installing Heavy Station Kit base 2.21 it is necessary downloading and installing Standard Assets (Characters and Effects) first.

Prefab Dot_FPC (First Person Controller from DotTeam) have to be used in order for character to interact properly with the scene.
Scripts are safe to use in Unity 5.3 up to Unity 2017.3 or higher and 3D models may be used in much earlier versions.





Package Colony has special parts for door opening pieces for making entrances into ventilation corridors.


There are new pieces, for making vent system possible in BASE2 packages too.


Just place this new mesh in the scene. Assign Mesh Collider to it, as well as appropriate Wall material and place into wall opening from BASE2 set of prefabs.






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