Modern FPS Refills 1.0




In modern-styled games Players are using various types of "guns". Revolver, shotgun and rifle - list can go on.

Often you can refill your guns by picking ammo and your health by picking medkits.

Modern FPS Refills - is a set of twenty modern-styled ammo, explosives and medkits.

For five types of bullets there are individual ammo boxes. Bullets for Machine gun have belt links.

To keep tris low, use only ammo boxes instead of ammo box + bullets.




20 objects made into 26 prefabs

Ammo boxes has 116 tris


Handgun - 444 Tris
Revolver - 476 Tris
Submachine gun - 476 Tris
Shotgun - 540 Tris
Rifle - 476 Tris
Machine gun, with belt links - 1024 Tris



Barrel-attached - 718 Tris
Offensive - 1914 Tris
Defensive - 1530 Tris
Gas - 1530 Tris


Rocket - 768 Tris
Small land mine - 1088 Tris
Large land mine - 908 Tris


Case - 216 Tris
Box - 252 Tris




Albedo, Normal, Ambient occlusion

Each object has its own 512x512 texture but Rocket and Large land mine has 1024x1024.