Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit hangars 1.2




This heavy looking interior Kit is made to suit extreme environments - Space, Underwater, Underground, and On-ground.

Room-sized Gateways allows various vehicles to let in, then basic ground markings lead the cargo to the tight corridors.

126 Prefabs in 12 Categories, Small and Room-sized Gateways for vehicles, Tight corridors and Huge Rooms, Elevator,

Top-Down pieces, Ambient, Door and Elevator sounds One FPS Demo Scene, One Top-Down Demo Scene.




  • Metallic Setup



Albedo, Normal, Emission


C# SCRIPTS (Unity 5.3)


  • Animated Gate2, to open press button
  • Animated semi-automatic Door2, opens if Player is close enough
  • Animated automatic Elevator
  • Hide Cursor




Space Drone is included,
However Armored Vehicle (by DotTeam) and Submarine (by Reikan Studio) are not included.




  • Prefab Dot_FPC (First Person Controller from DotTeam) have to be used in order for character to interact properly with the scene
  • Scripts are tested in Unity version 5.3




Version 1.2


  • Overall -50% tris from colliders. Colliders were redone for all prefabs, with box colliders and low poly mesh
  • Added Prefabs for Top-Down
  • Added Top-Down Demo Scene
  • Added Six New Objects as prefabs to Props
  • Added One New Object as prefab to Aggregates
  • Added One New Prefab to Support
  • Modified Light Source in some Wall prefabs
  • New Metal Material for all Prefabs (identical to the one in Heavy Station Kit base)
  • New Skybox


Version 1.1

Fixed compability issue with Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base.


  • Previously, because of conflicted identical names of Meshes from different packages, these .fbx were overriding each other.
  • Now names of such .fbx are modified so overriding no longer occurs. Naming of corresponding Prefabs is not changed.
  • Dot FPC was modified to be exact copy of Dot FPC from in Heavy Station kit base.
  • Info file was added to the package with Name and version of package as well as links to Forum, Web-site and E-mail.
  • Scripts that are necessary for compatibility were added.
  • No overriding happens at combining two Kits, thus Console log is clean.





Package Colony has special parts for door opening pieces for making entrances into ventilation corridors.


There are new pieces, for making vent system possible in HANGARS packages too.


Just place this new mesh in the scene. Assign Mesh Collider to it, as well as appropriate Wall material and place into wall opening from HANGARS set of prefabs.


Should be used along with wall prefab Wall_1_Door.






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