Car Script basic 1.1



Car Script basic is vehicle controller script.
It uses standard Unity 5 Wheel Colliders.

  • Would you like to add Wheel Collider and Visual Wheel? Just drag and drop these.
  • Do you want to specify number of Axles? No need to go into coding here. You may enter this in "Size" box.




Collider of car have to overlay Wheels. It is good idea to make low poly version of mesh for vehicle and set it as collider. Do not forget to turn on "Convex" for this mesh collider.

Depending on what car you are making - light sport car or heavy truck - first set approx. weight for it. Like 3 800 - 9 800 for the truck. Then, increase Motor Torque until you like how it looks.




  • Drag Wheel Collider & Visual Wheel
  • Specify number of Axles
  • Motor & Steering selection
  • Inverted steering
  • Brakes
  • Wheels reacting to Surface
  • Set Motor Torque and Steering Angle